WIAW! ~jenn

6 Jun

While still at work, it’s hard for me to photograph most of my lunches since I don’t want my co-workers to think I’m (more of) a weirdo! So I decided to take random fod pics all week and post them all together for my What I Ate Wednesday post!  THis saves me a lot of time and make me feel less creepy as I try to sneakily take pictures of my food in front of people who don’t know that I blog LOL

Before I get to the goods I wanted to discuss sensible snacking as it is the theme of WIAW! My favorite sensible snacks hands down are:

  • fruit! especially in the summer-LOVE watermelon and white nectarines
  • greek yogurt-I have at least one chobani almost every day
  • smoothies! so easy and so many options!

Random meals this past week: mac and cheese, quorn tenders and broccoli; bananas and chocolate ice cream =)

tons of fruit!; fro-yo (new fave flavor-salted caramel pretzel OMG!)

tea with whole wheat bread sprinkled with chia seeds and honey; Mexican Bowl-rice, beans, quorn tenders, guac, jalapenos

the ugliest smoothie ever lol; mexican salad-corn, beans, chicken, salsa, greek yogurt


I’m really looking forward to summer so I can start making more interesting and better meals! Its just impossible to spend so much time cooking during the school year!

Triple Tangent Tuesday~Jenn

5 Jun

It’s Triple Tangent Tuesday time! Thanks to hungryrunnergirl.com -Janae for this fab idea!

1. I have not run in two days because of my stupid hip flexor and I swear I am going through withdrawals already.  I would love nothing more than to just get outside and run!  It’s amazing how much you can miss it when you can’t do it.  I decided after a long run this week that seriously aggravated my already sore hip that I just need to suck it up and stop running for a few days.  I don’t know how I’m going to make it this whole week!


2. Last week I had a workshop day (sitting around all day instead of teaching? ok, I’ll take a break! and free cookies! woo hoo!)  So anyway, I somehow managed to spill about half of my tea from my to-go mug INSIDE my purse.  and it’s a relatively new purse.  SO NOT COOL! The best part is that I must have done this at least 3 other times this year.  You would think I would learn by now.

the entire contents of my purse drying out

3. I got some superrrr awesome work news today =)  Don’t want to go into details on the blog but its basically something I’ve been waiting for for a long time and I finally got confirmation of it after literally years of putting in hard work and hoping!

In other random news (I guess this is tangent #4?)  I have found the most amazing monkey bars at a park nearby!  13 across and they have a slight incline up and down like the ones at Tough Mudder.

woo hoo!

I am SO determined to at least make it halfway across at the next TM in October!  It’s pretty much my number one goal right now!!! I’ve been pretty intensely working on strength training as well and recently went up in some Bodypump weights so I’ll be doing a bodypump update soon!

Any random thoughts you are having today? =)

injuries…*cue ominous music* ~jenn

31 May

Yup, this post is about injuries.  I feel like amost every running/fitness blog I’ve ever read has at some point made a post about injuries.  Let’s face it-even though we take care of our bodies by being athletes (I consider anyone who works out an athlete!) we also consistently push it to it’s limits and unfortunately that causes injuries.  I’ve dealt with one relatively easy to deal with (so far) injury in the past 6 months and am currently facing another.

The first was the ever so terrible ITBS-IT Band Syndrome.  I started getting symptoms 2 weeks prior to my first Half-Marathon in February-14 weeks into my training.

Had to throw in a half-marathon pic here =) look at us being twinsies with our matching outfits and knee braces!

I managed to make it through the race pretty much right at my goal time with minimal pain-but that included wearing a brace and IT band brace.  The got a bit of pain at mile 9 or so and basically it felt better to run faster so I pretty much sprinted the last three miles (happy that that probably got me my goal time but probably a stupid idea!)  Anyway, a week after the race I finally went to the doctor and was officially diagnosed with ITBS.  I was REALLY worried.  After hearing so many negative stories about other runners with ITBS and how terrible it was I was immediately afraid I’d be facing this issue forever.  The doctor ordered 3 weeks of physical thearpy which, combined with tons of stretching and foam rolling, REALLY helped.  I havent had any issues since BUT I have only run distances over 6 miles maybe twice since then.  I’m hoping that when I being half-marathon training again, the fact that I strengthened and stretched like crazy every since will help me stay ITBS free!!

My newest problem began at the Tough Mudder.  I kinda forgot that I even had the pain until recently because really it was the last thing on my mind when I was freezing, tired, muddy, etc.

You thought I could talk about Tough Mudder and not include a picture? well you thought wrong!

It was just a slight pain in my hip flexor and barely a pain-more like a twinge.  Again, I totally overlooked it and forgot about it altogether afterwards.  Then last week I amped up my running a bit to prepare for the 10K I am running on June 9th.  I noticed my hip felt a little sore and again thought nothing of it.  Then another run, another sore hip, etc etc.  Now I am starting to get worried.  I’ve been trying to stretch it and ice it frequently but today I had to stop my supposed to be 6 mile run and turn it into 4.25 because it was really bothering me.

oh you know just icing my hip flexor-totally not an awkward picture at all!

I’m starting to get nervous that I seriously did something. I’ve been googling (seriously what did I do before google?) and think I MAY have strained it a bit.  It sounds like maybe a slight strain because I still have full movement, it doesn’t hurt to walk, and doesn’t even hurt every-time I run.  I know, I know-go to a doctor! But i think I’m going to take it easy the next few days first (tough, I know-I’ve really been feeling the running bug lately and don’t want to skip any runs!) If it still doesn’t seem to get better I swear I will go to the doctor!

In the meantime-tons of hip stretching will take place!  I found several good resources online for good hip stretches and will be a stretching maniac the next few days-here’s hoping a little rest will do the trick!!

What has been your worst injury?  How did you recover?

Triple Tangent Tuesday!~Jenn

29 May

It’s triple Tangent Tuesday time courtesy of Janae at HungryRunnerGirl.com!!

1.  My new number one goal in life right now is to conquer monkey bars.

Yup, I aim high. This all started when I did Tough Mudder a month ago and decided who cares about monkey bars.  None of the girls will be able to do them all anyway. Duh.  What the hell was I thinking?! After witnessing two women complete the entire set of about 20 monkey bars, I knew I NEEDED to be able to do it too! Granted I so did NOT do them at TM (more like grabbed one and immediately fell) but it is now my life goal.  I am up to doing 8 regular ones.  Now I need to find some greased up uphill monkey bars to train on and I’ll be all set! Seriously though I am to kill those monkey bars at the next Tough Mudder and when I say kill I mean be able to at least do 6, lol!

2.  Speaking of insane obstacle courses, my newest favorite show is American Ninja Warriors.  I am obsessed! I seriously can’t even get over how strong these guys are! and the insane things they can like climb straight up freaking walls like freaking Spiderman.  Just wow!

next life goal, be on American Ninja Warrior? HA yeah right!!!!

3. So I will officially be a Master at something in December-finally going to complete my masters degree in reading that I started in the Fall of 2009! AHHHHH! Bad news is that I have to dedicate my entire summer to clinical practicum classes which is making me really not that excited for summer.  I guess a new Summer Fun List will need to be made to ensure that I still get out and have a good time!

What are some of your favorite things to do in the summer?


28 May

My Memorial Day weekend was pretty uneventful.  I was just glad to have 4 days off-much needed! Only about 20 days of school left and I hope they fly by.  This year has been stressful!

The main event of my MDW was an impromptu ride to a favorite winery yesterday-Warwick Valley Winery in Warwick, NY. We have been there many time before and upon realizing that we had NO wine in our house a few days ago and nothing to do on Sunday I decided why not make the trip?  There was a Bob Dylan music festival going on so we got to enjoy some music, sit on our blanket and enjoy wine with our pizza and fruit and cheese platter. Yum! I ended up bringing two bottles home.  I am turning into such a wine snob-I much prefer winery wines to store bought!

Between Danielle, Mike and I we split a bottle of the above “Harvest Moon” wine and then Danielle and I also had the Sangria-big glass!

I’ve been to quite a few wineries and this is one of my favorites!  There are quite a few really good wines and its a great place to hang out and get some food while you enjoy your wine.  I wish I took a pic of our pizza (goat cheese and spinach) and fruit and cheese platter (delish!) I highly recommend a visit =)  The best part is that the area that is is located is part of a wine trail so you can easily visit 3-4 wineries (probably more if you were super ambitious!) on one trip.



Fitness Finds Friday! ~Jenn

25 May

In an effort to get myself blogging (semi) regularly I am going to start a new “feature” on the blog. Fitness Finds Friday!  Since I am Pinterest obsessed (who isn’t?) I thought I’d use Fridays as a way to show some of my favorite Fitness related finds on Pinterest! But first a weekly workout recap:

Monday: 3 mi. + bodypump

Tuesday: 30 min tempo + stairs

Wednesday: 15 min. stairs + bodypump

Thursday: 11 X 400 sprints (OMG SO HARD BUT I DID IT!)

Friday (today): hoping for 3 mi. and my first Bodyflow class!

On to the pictures! You can click each picture to go to the original source:

I love this quote poster!  I think so many people are hesitant to call themselves runners if they’re not running marathons or not winning races.  I love being able to tell people that I am a runner and I may not be the best runner but like the poster says “If you run, you are a runner!”.

I’ll pretty much do anything you tell me to do if it guaranteed thinner thighs.  One of my biggest body issues for sure! The link for this picture actually gives some pretty good exercises and they are based on a dancer’s workout!

Workout while you brush your teeth? OK! This article gives little ways to “sneak” a workout into your day, like doing squats while you brush your teeth.  I’ve actually started holding some stretches while I brush so this article caught my eye =)

and for pure cuteness sake, I leave you with this adorable picture of a dog doing a pilates 100 =)

Hope everyone has a fun and relaxing Memorial Day weekend! Do you have any plans?

Triple Tangent Tuesday~Jenn

22 May

Way back in the day when we actually used to update this blog we totally stole Janae‘s idea to do a Triple Tangent Tuesday and let you all in on some of our random crazy thoughts/ideas/etc.  I’m going to continue this tradition since I still enjoy reading stalking her blog and stealing her ideas =)

1. I am utterly OBSESSED with the “Call Me, Maybe” song.  Like I need to listen to it every spare moment of the day.  If I’m not listening to it, I’m thinking about it, humming it, or singing it.  Seriously, I have a problem.  I am also the same person who listened to one song on repeat for entire 5 miles run a few weeks ago. We shall see how long this obsession lasts! It all started thanks to this video: Harvard Baseball Team Cover (Sorry, can’t post vids!) It’s not the funniest thing in the world but I could watch it over and over, it totally cracks me up!!!

whats with all these boys being super cute by the way?

2. I got a super purple pedicure today.  I’m pretty sure she was cleaning durt out of my nails from the Tough Mudder last week (sorry TMI?)


The best part was this little dude stalking my pedicure the whole time.  He was adorable and totally obsessed haha.

look at the hat! LOVE!

3. In the month of May I have purchased 3 new pairs of running sneakers.  That’s totally normal right??!  This picture is minus the shoes I donated at Tough Mudder and another pair I donated to a running store.  If i could own every single pair of Nike Frees, I would.  They are all so pretty!  2 pairs will have to suffice for now =)

sorry for the terrible picture!


I’m off to go have an after dinner snak (ice cream perhaps =) ) and do some reading!  I am in desperate need of some new reading material!! Suggestions?


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